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At Annex, support of your needs is critical. If you EVER have any problems or questions (even if looking for advice!), call our support line at 818.761.2100 (or 818.985.4663 for afterhours/weekend support) or fill out our support form and we’ll provide answers that solve your problem.

Here you can find some common resources that are beneficial to our web hosting customers.

Support Phone:

     818-761-2100 (10AM to 6PM PST)
     818-985-4663 (Afterhours)

Support Email: [ Support Form ]

Hosting Features/Instructions


Secure Email Relay

As a “Net responsible” ISP, we utilize SECURE relay protocols to ensure that spammers don’t use your domain as a spam relay. This means that you must use secure methods to send your outbound email.

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Guestbook Instructions

This link will take you Guestbook Central, our FREE GUESTBOOK interface!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does it take to get my site up and operational?

The answer is dependent on WHAT kind of service we are providing, but in general we can establish your IP address, FTP account and email boxes within 12 hours of your payment. The domain process ranges from 24 hours to 4 days, depending on how fast the domain registrar is operating at a given time. Website Development can range from as short as 1 day, to many weeks, depending on the nature and complexity of your site.

What kinds of CGI’s come with my basic domain account?

We provide all our customers with Form-to-Email, Guestbook, and Counter functionality, in addition to all the web-bot components that come with FrontPage if your site is FrontPage enabled. For an extra fee, we can provide ColdFusion (Web Database connector), SQL Server and Credit Card Processing features (as well as many OTHER features. See Web Hosting for details).

For your own CGI’s we only ask that we have an opportunity to TEST THEM before we install it on our production servers. We charge a nominal fee to test them and install them, but there is no recurring charge for their use. This is to protect the integrity of our services for ALL our customers. Some of our servers have PERL (for NT) support, so if you intend to use PERL, you’ll want to inform us.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Cash, Check or Money Order, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover Card and PayPal for payment options.

Do you have any sort of content or account restrictions?

Yes. Here is a brief list, but you’ll find a complete listing in our Terms of Service.

  • We don’t host adult material (porn sites).
  • We don’t permit you to RESELL your own space to others unless specifically contracted as a Reseller Account with us.
  • We don’t permit illegal materials.
  • You may not use us to send Unsolicited Commercial Email (SPAM)

Support Phone: 818-761-2100