Managed Server Services

Geared toward those with smaller sites, these hosting plans are for those on a budget!


Do you have your own server(s) and need a reliable and professional place to host them? Give us a call and we’ll whip you up a quote based on your bandwidth, rackspace & electrical requirements and technical needs.

Managed colocation means we’ll maintain the box for you so you don’t have to hire an IT person to deal with things like update patches, log monitoring (to ensure server health) and other necessary tasks.

Managed Colocation includes the protection of our firewall so that you can be confident that no shenanigans will happen to your website or internet services.

If you don’t yet have a server, but WANT to put a colo server together, we can assist you with that as well by making hardware/brand recommendations, setting it up and installing the hardware/software needed, monitoring logs and doing monthly maintenance and more.

We have many happy colo customers and we’d like to add you to the list.

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An alternative to purchasing your own hardware/software and having us Colocate it is to rent a dedicated server from us and have us manage it for you.

Given your requirements, we can quote and provision a server for you within 24 hours! We can custom tailor the server precisely to your needs; making sure the hardware and software necessary are present whether it be a fully clustered windows server solution or even as simple as a Redhat server to be used for website hosting.

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We maintain our dedicated server farm at a different geographic location. This is a great for customers who wish to have their live site on a colocated server and have a live backup site in another state in the event of emergencies.


Regardless of the level of service you engage with us, all accounts are subject to our Terms of Service / Acceptable Use Policy .