Portfolio – Success Stories

Below is a sampling of clients we have done work for; both past and present.
Bittree High Performance Patching Systems Screenshot... Bittree High Performance Patching Systems Bittree offers a complete line of patching products, including audio, video, data and integrated patching systems. To ensure the consistency, quality and responsiveness you need, all of their patching products are designed, manufactured, tested and warehoused in their Glendale, California plant, right in the heart of the entertainment industry.Technologies Used: ColdFusion, MSSQLOur Role: We maintain this site’s ColdFusion codebase as well as host the site.
Jon Kent Ethridge Screenshot... Jon Kent Ethridge Jon Kent Ethridge stars as young children’s favorite sidekick Craig every Friday night in “Out of Jimmy’s Head”. Jon welcomes young and old and everyone in between to his official website.Technologies Used: HTML, CSS, JavascriptOur Role: Designed and crafted this very simple site.
Orbit Trail, LLC Screenshot... Orbit Trail, LLC Orbit Trail LLC initiates and plans innovative projects, combining unique, advanced technologies, know-how and ideas, local resources and entrepreneurs, and global markets.Technologies Used: HTML, CSS, Javascript, CGIOur Role: We designed and assembled the site as well as host it.
The Vision Store - New Mexico Screenshot... The Vision Store – New Mexico The Vision Store in New Mexico is a full service optometry practice.Technologies Used: HTML, CSS, JavascriptOur Role: They wanted a simple redesign and wanted to implement new features. We designed and built out the site.
Balms With Benefits Screenshot... Balms With Benefits The first aromatherapy lip balm exploding with health benefits. Each balm is specially blended with the finest natural ingredients… so soothing and moisturizing ~ can be used anywhere anytime!Technologies Used: MiniMart, ColdFusion, MSSQL, CSS, PayPal GatewayOur Role: We utilized our MiniMart product to design and develop this ecommerce site.
CHIRP/LA Screenshot... CHIRP/LA CHIRP/LA is dedicated to preventing homelessness and improving the quality of life of people living with HIV/AIDS. By collaborating with local AIDS Service Organizations and Community Based Organizations, CHIRP/LA assists people living with HIV/AIDS locate housing and myriad support services that best fit their individual needs.A project of PAWS/LA, CHIRP/LA is funded by HOPWA (Housing Opportunities for People living With AIDS), and administered by the City of Los Angeles Housing Department.Technologies Used: ColdFusion, MSSQL, Javascript, CSS, DHTML Our Role: We build all the database and interactive code for the site as well as integration of their design into the site.
Movies By Kids! Screenshot... Movies By Kids! MOVIES BY KIDS is a creative program designed for teaching young students the exciting process of movie making and animation.Technologies Used: ColdFusion, CSS, HTML, SQL, Flash, StreamingOur Role: We design, develop and host this site for the client.
Flam's Lock and Key Screenshot... Flam’s Lock and Key In all businesses…and the locksmith business is no exception…there are always factors that set one apart from the rest. And Flam’s is the company that rises above the others.Technologies Used: ColdFusion, CSS, HTML, SQLOur Role: We design, host and maintain this site for the client.
San Fernando Valley International Film Festival Screenshot... San Fernando Valley International Film Festival Since Universal Studios opened its doors in March of 1915 the San Fernando Valley has been home to the largest concentration of film studios and filmmakers in the world.Technologies Used: ColdFusion, CSS, HTML, SQL, DHTMLOur Role: We design, host and maintain this site.
The Sherman Oaks Chamber of Commerce Screenshot... The Sherman Oaks Chamber of Commerce The Sherman Oaks Chamber of Commerce is a group of businesses and individuals dedicated to sharing and building our wonderful community located in the San Fernando Valley part of Los Angeles, nestled in the Santa Monica mountains.Technologies Used: ColdFusion, Ecobuilder, HTML, SQLOur Role: We utilized our Ecobuilder software to create a dynamic data drive site for the local Chamber of Commerce. We also host the site.
Priddy Brothers Entertainment Screenshot... Priddy Brothers Entertainment Priddy Brothers is a cutting-edge company created to develop, produce and distribute independent films that explore with respect, grace and artistry the depth and breadth of the human experience.Technologies Used: ColdFusion, Ecobuilder, HTML, SQL, Flash, Streaming Video, Authorize.netOur Role: We utilized our Ecobuilder software and made plenty of modifications to suit the client’s very specific needs.
Intelligent Computer Solutions Screenshot... Intelligent Computer Solutions Intelligent Computer Solutions (ICS) is the technology leader in the design and manufacture of high-speed Hard Drive Duplication equipment, Software Cloning Solutions and copy Hard Disk Drive.Technologies Used: ColdFusion, HTML, SQL, Verisign, Flash, Shipping APIOur Role: We host and maintain the codebase for this dynamic forensic data tools company.
Castaic Lake Water Agency Screenshot... Castaic Lake Water Agency Castaic Lake Water Agency is a public water agency that services an area of 195 square miles in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.Technologies Used: ColdFusion, CSS, HTML, SQL, DHTMLOur Role: We work on continued development for this website.
Navyseals.com Screenshot... Navyseals.com Navyseals.com is the web’s #1 site for Navy SEAL information, news, and merchandise.Technologies Used: ColdFusion, Ecobuilder, HTML, SQL, Paypal CheckoutOur Role: Navyseals.com is hosted by us and their community platform utilizes our Ecobuilder technology.
Superior Moulding Screenshot... Superior Moulding Superior Moulding is a Van Nuys, CA based company that makes all sorts of wooden mouldings for your home construction & decorating needs.Technologies Used: ColdFusion, CSS, HTML, SQL, MiniMart (Our own base-code for e-commerce)Our Role: We took their print catalog and converted it (along with image processing) to put their entire catalog of products on the web.
FredAlba Screenshot... FredAlba This is the website for an up and coming band called FredAlbaTechnologies Used: ColdFusion, CSS, HTML, SQL, Message Boards, List-Serv & User ManagementOur Role: . We designed and built interactive elements for their site (we host it too). Includes message boards, regular newsletter mailings and streaming media.
Cosmetic Solutions Screenshot... Cosmetic Solutions Fira (who has had us developer a number of sites) utilizes our Ecobuilder software along with a large custom job on the Ecommerce elements.Technologies Used: ColdFusion, Ecobuilder, HTML, SQL, CyberCashOur Role: We developed custom code on our Ecobuilder foundation and we host the site.
Fira Direct Screenshot... Fira Direct Fira (who has had us developer a number of sites) utilizes our Ecobuilder software along with a large custom job on the Ecommerce elements. FiraDirect sells cosmetics to wholesalers.Technologies Used: ColdFusion, Ecobuilder, HTML, SQL, CyberCashOur Role: We developed custom code on our Ecobuilder foundation and we host the site.
Fira Cosmetics Screenshot... Fira Cosmetics Fira (who has had us developer a number of sites) utilizes our Ecobuilder software along with a large custom job on the Ecommerce elements. They sell cosmetics to end-consumers.Technologies Used: ColdFusion, Ecobuilder, HTML, SQL, CyberCashOur Role: We developed custom code on our Ecobuilder foundation and we host the site.
Dak 2000 Screenshot... Dak 2000 If you remember the DAK Catalogues of yore, then you’ll immediately recognize Drew Kaplan’s literary style on this website. The client designed the site and we built a wide variety of special features for the site along with an ecommerce system.Technologies Used: ColdFusion, HTML, SQL, CyberCashOur Role: We integrated our code into the client’s design and developed all the web-applications.
Pacific Inspections Screenshot... Pacific Inspections Pacific Inspections does Insurance Inspections & Surveys. They had an existing inspection request system that needed updating. We improved upon that functionality and built an entire inspector submission system so that the client’s own clients could go paperless.Technologies Used: ColdFusion, HTML, SQL, Graphic DesignOur Role: We cleaned up the existing design, and developed all the backend applications.
Piller Records Screenshot... Piller Records Piller Records wanted to have a stylish site to show off the talent they represent. In addition they wanted an ecommerce system to sell “fan merchandise”.Technologies Used: ColdFusion, HTML, SQL, Graphic DesignOur Role: We designed and developed the entire site including the Ecommerce elements.
SnowLovers.net Screenshot... SnowLovers.net Snowlovers wanted to set up a site where end-users could match up with other snow sports buffs and meet up. They used our Ecobuilder software and we built the profile matching system for them as well.Technologies Used: ColdFusion, Ecobuilder, HTML, SQL, Weather APIsOur Role: The client does their own design. We developed all the custom features and we host the site.
WhiteSpeed Marketing Screenshot... WhiteSpeed Marketing WhiteSpeed does rich media mailings for clients such as American Express, Nissan, NBC and other high profile clients. They needed a state of the art email compaign management software and we built it for them.Technologies Used: ColdFusion, HTML, SQL, Multi-MimeOur Role: The client does their own design. We developed the entire backend campaign management system including emailing, list management, statistical tracking and more. We ALSO provisioned and host the servers for the client.
Dream Products Screenshot... Dream Products Dream Products wanted to beef up the e-commerce system (front end and back end). We ported their PERL based system into a ColdFusion based system with a great deal more functionality.Technologies Used: ColdFusion, HTML, SQL, E-CommerceOur Role: Using the Client’s design, we integrated that into code we developed. We also host the client’s server.
GreensKeeper.org Screenshot... GreensKeeper.org This is a web site designed to serve the Golf enthusiast. This client saw our Ecobuilder product and knew it would be a great foundation for his specialized Golf Course Review desires. We took the Ecobuilder v2 baseline and added custom modules to the client’s specifications.Technologies Used: Ecobuilder, ColdFusion, HTML, CSS, Graphic Design, Weather APIs, SQLOur Role: We designed AND developed this website. We also host it in our own datacenter.
Gnomedex Screenshot... Gnomedex Since 2001, Chris Pirillo, host of TechTV’s Call For Help and author of the Lockergnome newsletters, has been gathering in Des Moines, IA, for his annual technology convention called Gnomedex. Attendees can register for passes on the site, as well as read news and participate in forums.Technologies Used: PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavascriptOur Role: We designed and developed the Gnomedex 2002 website using PHP and MySQL. The site makes use of the AuthorizeNet payment gateway and SSL security.
Bob Peak Screenshot... Bob Peak A Dedication site to a very well know artist which has done many paintings for the movies, time magazine, TV Guide and the Olympics.Technologies Used: HTML,ColdFusion,SQL,CSSOur Role: We Designed, Host and Maintain there site.
Brownie Points Screenshot... Brownie Points Brownie Points is an e-commerce website where you can buy some very special (and delicious!) brownies and a portion of the proceeds goes to your favorite charity! They’re yummy!Technologies Used: ColdFusion, CSS, SQL, CyberCash, Shipping API’s, JavaScript, SSLOur Role: We developed the entire site both graphically and programmatically to the client’s specifications.
Okaikei, Inc. Screenshot... Okaikei, Inc. Okaikei.com, a site primarily targeted for the Japanese Retail business, is a website where you can set up your own store in minutes, and take credit cards without needing a merchant account! Supports a wide variety of customization features to make your store look like your own.Technologies Used: ColdFusion Japanese Edition, CSS, SQL & Win2K Japanese, Javascript, iMode, SSL, CyberCash, Multi-Language, Unicode.Our Role: We developed this site in its entirety, coding in English and then utilizing a translator to translate all the appropriate content and prompts to Japanese. We provisioned 6 servers at Exodus with firewall to scale the application across multiple servers for load balancing.
Trade2Europe Screenshot... Trade2Europe Trade2Europe is the “missing link” for small and medium sized companies. Trade2Europe provides access to services normally reserved for the larger multi-national companies. Their members monitor pre-determined expenses online, and move and process orders to better serve the entire European market. They can move inventory to a multi-user warehouse at reduced rates and sell it more competitively into the European market. From shipping and storing, to customs clearance and VAT paperwork, the entire process is handled through the Trade2Europe website.Technologies Used: ColdFusion, XML, Java, SQL, JavaScriptOur Role: We designed and developed this website, including XML technologies that transfer client data securely between the US and Holland.
World Wide Travel Screenshot... World Wide Travel World Wide Travel specializes in luxury travel, while offering a degree of experience and personalized service rarely found in their industry.Technologies Used: ColdFusion, CSS, SQL, JavascriptOur Role: We designed and developed their website, along with providing some online administrative area tools to enable them to utilize the site to reach out to their customers in real-time.
Whitehat, Inc. Screenshot... Whitehat, Inc. Whitehat.com and American Computer Group (ACG) joined forces to form Whitehat, Inc., a full-service provider of direct marketing support services. The combined company strengthens its service offering by offering marketing solutions for both the traditional direct marketing field (ACG) and the electronic marketing industry (Whitehat.com).Technologies Used: ColdFusion, Unix, Oracle, MySQL, SSL, Javascript, SQLOur Role: We designed both the ACG and the Whitehat.com site and built customer application interfaces on both sites. We later assisted in integrating both sites, building out a new product brand. Much of whitehat.com’s NCMI interface (a private application for whitehat.com consumers) was originally designed and developed by us.
Personal Attorney Service, Inc. Screenshot... Personal Attorney Service, Inc. Personal Attorney Service has been providing unparalleled service to the Los Angeles legal community for more than thirty years.Technologies Used: ColdFusion, SQL, HTML, CSS, JavascriptOur Role: We designed and developed this website to the client’s specifications.
PerfectForm Screenshot... PerfectForm Fill, save, print or eMail identical versions of any business form from a web page. Anytime, Anywhere, Any PC, right now!Technologies Used: ColdFusion, SQL, FTP, ActiveXOur Role: We developed this application in ColdFusion to the client’s specifications.
Musician's Contact Screenshot... Musician’s Contact This site acts as a central resource where musicians and bands can hook up with each other.Technologies Used: ColdFusion, SQL, CyberCash, SSL, CSS, JavascriptOur Role: We built the application using ColdFusion to the client’s specifications. We also designed the overall look & feel and the branding.
Laser Service Seminars Screenshot... Laser Service Seminars This company provides the training needed to become an expert printer technician.Technologies Used: HTML, Javascript, CSSOur Role: We designed the site and integrated the client’s content into it.
FreeClub.com Screenshot... FreeClub.com FreeClub.com gives you three (3) daily chances to Win $1,000,000 and all the best Free Stuff on the Web!Technologies Used: ColdFusion, SQL, Vopmail, Ecobuilder, Java, CSS, JavascriptOur Role: We built out this system using our Ecobuilder software and lots of custom development to achieve the client’s specifications.
ExchangeMall Screenshot... ExchangeMall ExchangeMall is an online barter exchange, auction site and business information portal.Technologies Used: ColdFusion, SQL, XML, CyberCash, SSLOur Role: We developed the barter exchange application using ColdFusion, CyberCash & SQL.
Ecobuilder Screenshot... Ecobuilder Ecobuilder is a fast-track to Online Communities, Portals and Corporate Intranets/Extranets.It is SOFTWARE that you can download and install, and save on the thousands it can cost to develop (from scratch) interactive application-based & authenticated websites. We’ve done the work FOR you and have left a lot of room for you to customize it to make it your own.It’s a modern version of the BBS (Bulletin Board System). It’s a search engine portal. It’s a major Community site. It’s a “stickiness creator”. It’s a firm foundation for your web-venture. Technologies Used: ColdFusion, SQL, Ecobuilder, Chat, Message Boards, More Our Role: We “invented”, developed and sell this software and many of our clients utilize this plug-n-play application in their own solutions.
Democrats.com Screenshot... Democrats.com Democrats.com is the first online community for America’s 100 million Democrats.Technologies Used: ColdFusion, Ecobuilder, SQL, Chat, Message BoardsOur Role: We built the community features of their site, and host community.democrats.com, based on our Ecobuilder software package.
DecoyMail Screenshot... DecoyMail DecoyMail™ allows you to create an unlimited number of individual email identities, and track the email you receive to each one.Technologies Used: HTML, CSS, JavascriptOur Role: We designed the website and corporate identity.
Aqua Concepts Screenshot... Aqua Concepts Aqua Concepts is a Los Angeles based Pool & Spa contractor.Technologies Used: HTML, CSS, JavascriptOur Role: We designed and built their public website that features a gallery of their work.
A Cruise World Screenshot... A Cruise World A Cruise World is a Los Angeles based travel agency specializing in corporate travel & incentives programs.Technologies Used: ColdFusion, Flash, SQLOur Role: We re-designed their site and built a new “admin configurable” content system so they could update their site in real time.
A-Barr Screenshot... A-Barr A-Barr is a company that produces and sells educational videos.Technologies Used: ColdFusion, SQLOur Role: We built an online “virtual catalog” that you can search through and request additional information about the items you place in your “cart”.
800 Predict Screenshot... 800 Predict 800 Predict is a phone based psychic hotline with a website that includes lots of engaging content and features.Technologies Used: ColdFusion, SQLOur Role: We built some of their front-end and back-end code that offers features like Horoscopes, articles & archives.
Sidebar.com Screenshot... Sidebar.com This is a site (one of ours) that provides a Legal Resources search engine and listing service.Technologies Used: ColdFusion, SQL, Chat, Message BoardsOur Role: Another work in progress, we developed this site in ColdFusion & SQL.
Operator.com Screenshot... Operator.com Operator.com is website where you can find just about anything by customizing multiple search engines in one place. You can customize the news & information that you’d like to view as well.Technologies Used: ColdFusion, SQL, XML, Scheduled data import, PersonalizationOur Role: We designed, host and helped build this “information portal”.
Psychic Chat Screenshot... Psychic Chat Psychic Chat is a site that permits end users to log on and get a chat reading with live psychics.Technologies Used: ColdFusion, SSL, SQL, Chat, e-commerce, CyberCash, Web900Our Role: A large project, we built a reproduceable (affiliate/franchise system)ColdFusion web application system. Features accounting, chat system, live-commerce and more.
PAWS/LA Screenshot... PAWS/LA PAWS/LA provides assitance with PETS for people living with AIDS. We encourage you to support them.Technologies Used: ColdFusion, SSL, HTML, CSS, JavascriptOur Role: We designed, developed and host this site for free, as it is a great cause with measureable results.
Print GRC Screenshot... Print GRC GRC is one of America’s leading manufacturers in the hard copy imaging supplies marketplace. Their wide variety of high performance printer, cash register and typewriter ribbons, ink jet products, and laser toner products are available through commercial and retail office products/machine suppliers, mail order distributors, and specialty dealers.Technologies Used: ColdFusion, SQL, Verity Search, Javascript, CSSOur Role: We designed and built their original public website and built a private extranet for their sales people to interact and collaborate with their customers and vendors.
Dollar Rent A Car Screenshot... Dollar Rent A Car Dollar Rent A Car is a national car rental company.Technologies Used: ColdFusion, SQLOur Role: We built a web-based “Agent Rewards” fulfillment program for their fulfillment vendor.
Tanks Alot Screenshot... Tanks Alot Tanks Alot is an aquarium maintenance company serving the greater Los Angeles area.Technologies Used: ColdFusion, CSS, Javascript, Java, Chat, Message Boards, CyberCash, SSLOur Role: We designed this site and developed it in ColdFusion. Features message boards, chat, affiliate programs and an e-commerce portion where you can buy your aquarium supplies online.
Studio Eyes Screenshot... Studio Eyes Studio Eyes is an Optometry Group specializing in personalized health care.Technologies Used: HTML, CSS, JavascriptOur Role: We designed this website and corporate identity. It has been awarded a prize in a website contest held by the American Optometric Association.
Guestbook Central Screenshot... Guestbook Central Guestbook Central provides free guestbooks for anyone that wants one. Boasts a lot of interactive features you wouldn’t find in other guestbooks.Technologies Used: ColdFusion, SQL, Javascript, CSSOur Role: This is one of our sites. We developed it from start to finish, and we update/upgrade the site from time to time.
Studio RTA Screenshot... Studio RTA Studio RTA manufactures ready-to-assemble computer furniture and art/drafting furniture.Technologies Used: ColdFusion, CyberCash, SQLOur Role: We designed and developed this site.
Russell, Shartsis & Associates Screenshot... Russell, Shartsis & Associates Russell, Shartsis & Associates is a professional accounting firm in Glendale, CA.Technologies Used: HTML, CSS, JavascriptOur Role: We designed this site from scratch and integrated the client’s content. A good example of a small, yet informational site.
eFridge Screenshot... eFridge eFridge is a web based calendaring application that allows you to create a calendar or schedule of events and share it with your family, friends or associates. You can even publish it on your website.Technologies Used: ColdFusion, MySQL, Oracle, PHP, Javascript, CSSOur Role: We developed the user interface, corporate branding and the first phase of functional code using ColdFusion & MySQL. Later it was converted to PHP against Oracle.
Centergate Research Group Screenshot... Centergate Research Group CenterGate Research is a group of entrepreneurial developers and engineers working on creating products and solutions designed to improve infrastructure performance for distributed computing.Technologies Used: HTML, CSS, JavascriptOur Role: We do a lot of work with Centergate. We designed a corporate identity and the website.
UltraDNS Screenshot... UltraDNS UltraDNS is a managed DNS service that utilizes proprietary technology to bring DNS to a whole new level.Technologies Used: ColdFusion, Oracle, Javascript, CSSOur Role: Our work in this enterprise-scale project involved corporate identity graphics, first-phase company website design, and a UI build-out for the actual front-end DNS Management Interface.
Whatta Character!! Screenshot... Whatta Character!! Whatta Character!! makes foam sculpture caricatures made to order for both the consumer market and for television & movies.Technologies Used: HTML, Javascript, CSSOur Role: A fun site to design, we made a light-hearted website for a client who makes some pretty cool foam sculpture charicatures. If you’ve not seen these sculptures, it’s worth a look!
Lachman Goldman Ventures Screenshot... Lachman Goldman Ventures Lachman Goldman is a venture capital firm in Northbrook, IL.Technologies Used: HTML, CSS, JavascriptOur Role: This is a good example of an elegant, yet fast-loading unassuming website. We designed this site from the client’s provided content.
Gaylord's Kauai Screenshot... Gaylord’s Kauai Gaylord’s is an elegant restaurant on the island of Kauai, featuring a fantastic and authentic Luau several times a week.Technologies Used: ColdFusion, SQLOur Role: We recently re-designed this site and re-located it to our servers. We built some interactive database elements including the menu, winelist and other items so that the site owner could make frequent updates without needing to contact us.
1Home1Loan Screenshot... 1Home1Loan This is a website where you can find a home, an agent and a homeloan all in one place.Technologies Used: ColdFusion, SQL, Chat, JavaScriptOur Role: We built the site in ColdFusion, with provided graphics, to the client’s specifications.
TheOOZE Screenshot... TheOOZE TheOOZE is a religious portal/community catering to the 18-30 crowd.Technologies Used: WML, ColdFusion, SQL, JavaScript, Flash, Java, ChatOur Role: A ColdFusion code site, we developed the entire application to their specifications and graphics, utilizing our internal tools and other external technologies.
Maria's Italian Kitchen Screenshot... Maria’s Italian Kitchen This was one of our very first WEB clients. Maria’s is an Italian Restaurant chain in Southern California.Technologies Used: ColdFusion, JavaScript, SQL, CyberCashOur Role: We coordinated with their PR firm to create a site that matched their current advertising and branding. We also developed a giftshop/cart system, a database driven online menu system, and other interactive features.
mobileID, Inc. Screenshot... mobileID, Inc. mobileID is a site where end users can sign up an account, configure their wap/wml based phone and get custom “wireless web” content along with email and contact mechanisms.Technologies Used: ColdFusion, SQL, WML, XML, JavaScriptOur Role: We developed the first rollout front-end website using ColdFusion. We also coordinated with their WAP developers to create a wireless web side of the site. This project broke us into the WAP (wireless web) world.