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Nifty Files, Tools & Resources

Here’s a list of some files, utilities and resources that you might find useful.

 For Our Web Customers
WS_FTP Client
A great FTP Client you can use to upload your web site content to our servers.
Macromedia Dreamweaver
Perhaps the very best web editor ever made (can you tell we like it yet?) Dreamweaver is easy to use, supports WYSIWYG, FTP, link checking and more. You can download a free trial by following the link for this item.
Macromedia Fireworks
A great graphics program aimed towards web developers. Handles image maps, web-safe color pallets, automatic javascript/table slices and more!
 Informational Sites for Web Developers
SiteBuilder Network
An EXCELLENT resource for web authors. Learn about ALL the technologies in web development here.
A great resource for learning how to write javascript (or just choose from hundreds of pre-written ones!).
A great web resource for finding java applets and applications for your site.
ColdFusion Developer’s Journal
A great resource for learning ColdFusion and finding out more about it.
ColdFusion DevCenter @ Allaire
This is a primo place for ColdFusion developers (and aspiring ones) to hang out. You’ll find a Tag Gallery, message boards and other resources to help you in your daily programming activities.