Secure Email Relay Instructions

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Secure Email Relay Instructions

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Recently, we have upgraded our mail servers to utilize a tighter security when sending outbound email. This is because SPAM (Unsolicited Commercial Email) is becoming more and more prevalent on the net and our servers were being used as spam RELAYS (and we ALL can agree that spam is just bad).

It is important for us to be as responsible for net-abuse as any other internet service provider, so we have put these secure relay protocols into place.

Most web hosting companies require their customers to use their ISP’s outbound email server for custom domain outbound email, but we’ve provided some other alternatives as well that we can offer.

1Secure Outbound
This is the PREFERRED method, and only requires that you change one setting in your email reader. Secure Outbound Authentication is supported by the most popular mail readers, including Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape Mail and more. Click here for instructions on how to use secure outbound with your mail client.
2Static IP Placement
If your mail program doesn’t support Secure Outbound, and you come from a static IP (like a DSL line or company T1), we can set your IP on the mail server to accept relay mail from it.While option #1 (Secure Outbound) is preferred, we can always do this for you as well. The drawback is that your IP can change from time to time and you’ll have to have us re-change it on our mail servers when that happens.
3Use your ISP’s outbound email server
ALL dialup, DSL, etc. providers will provide you with an outbound email server to use for your email. This server isn’t ONLY for your email address assigned to that given ISP, but is also set to allow you to relay mail for your own domains (since they set their mail servers to permit relay from THEIR IP address ranges).In this case, you’d simply use for your inbound server and for the outbound mail server settings.

If you have any problems utilizing any of these options, please don’t hesitate to give our support line (818-761-2100) a call and we’ll solve any problems you’re having with email. While we’re very concerned with net responsibility, we are also sensitive to your email needs, and will make sure that you are able to have 100% reliability with your email.