How the Modus Quarantine works

How the Modus Quarantine works

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Our email system makes use of an anti-spam and anti-virus system for all of our windows Professional hosting accounts. Any email that has spam signatures on it will be held in your quarantine until you release it.

Each night a report of the quarantined messages will be sent to your mailbox. There you can release messages if you wish.

The Quarantine does not block SENDERS. It scans through emails looking for FEATURES of an individual Email that are known to also appear in Spams. If your friends are sending emails that have the same characteristics as a Spam, and you can’t educate them to not Forward an email that has already been forwarded 20 times and somewhere in one of the forwardings is an Advertisement that trips the trigger, then here is the easy fix:

When you read your Quarantine Report and choose to release it, a Web Browser window will appear, giving you the opportunity to add the SENDER to your personal Whitelist – meaning that NO further emails from that SENDER will be put into the Quarantine. You will receive all further emails from that sender directly in your In-Box.

This advanced anti-spam feature is a free Security feature of our email system. For new subscribers, it should only take a week or two to train it who your friends are!