Secure Email Relay Instructions

Recently, we have upgraded our mail servers to utilize a tighter security when sending outbound email. This is because SPAM (Unsolicited Commercial Email) is becoming more and more prevalent on the net and our servers were being used as spam RELAYS (and we ALL can agree that spam is just bad). It is important for […]

Setting Secure Email Authentication

Setting Secure Email Authentication It’s actually pretty easy to set your supported Email Client for Secure Outbound Authentication. Below are some examples based on some popular email clients along with some screen captures. If you have an email client that is NOT detailed on this page, let us know about it and we’ll figure it out […]

Why are entries disappearing from my guestbook? is a FREE service, and for free guestbooks, we archive any entries that are over 120 days old. Paid guestbooks do not have their entries archived. If you wish to have your archives restored, you can upgrade your guestbook by logging into the console and following the instructions there. You can then send email […]

How the Modus Quarantine works

Our email system makes use of an anti-spam and anti-virus system for all of our windows Professional hosting accounts. Any email that has spam signatures on it will be held in your quarantine until you release it. Each night a report of the quarantined messages will be sent to your mailbox. There you can release […]